National Human Rights Institutions in Contemporary Russia

Prof. Alexander Sungurov

The objective of the proposed paper is comparison of two Russian human rights institution activities – Institute of Commissioner for human rights and Committee for civil society development and human rights. The first institute, the Russian variant of Ombudsman institute, exists as at level of Russian Federation, as at regional level, level of subjects of Russian federation, where it exists now in all 85 subjects of federations (republics, krays, oblast’ and other variants of subjects of federation). The second institute exists at the federation level, where it affiliated with President of Russia, and in some of Russian regions, where it affiliated with governors.
The history of this institutes, its personal composition and their activities in fields of human rights protection and promotion will be subjects of analysis. Special attention will be devoted to their activities for protection of political rights of Russian peoples – free of speech, rights for peaceful meetings and demonstration, justice of electoral process etc. The reaction of this institutions at the political events in 2019 in Russia: destroying of peaceful demonstration in May 1 in St. Petersburg, extra ordinal force using during Moscow protest against human rights violation during election to Moscow Duma will be in focus of paper also.
The comparative approach will be used in this research, as well as analysis of documents and semi-structured expert interviews. The QDA Miner Light program was used in the analysis of the interviews.