Migrations, Solidariti(es) and Subnational Politics

Open Panel

This panel aims at deciphering subnational discourses and practices of solidarity in relation with migration issues. To overcome the eurocentrism of such debates, we aim at analysing solidarities in reception and origin regions, both in the so-called global North and South.
Using the concept of “solidarities” to address the relation between persons who have experienced migration and persons who have not, and between people and institutions, enables us to change the unit of analysis. Differently from the debates revolving around the concepts of integration, inclusion or incorporation, a solidarities approach enables research to escape the “us vs. them” dichotomy, extending the debate on deservingness to society as a whole.
Moreover, with the development of crossborder volunteering and the diffusion of multi-scalar partnerships between subnational governments and civil society organisations, solidarities are rescaled, and encompass new forms beyond national welfare mechanisms. Against this background, we are particularly interested in studies that address the forms and geographies of pro-migrant solidarities (such as city networks, local and crossborder social mobilisations); but also in research on the way different forms of solidarities intersect at the local level (such as partnership between migrant and non migrant organisations, between cities of refuge/sanctuary and civil society organisations, etc).